The family photo options are…


The Vibe session is super fun and the photos will hold all the best family feels. It’s mostly hanging out or playing (for the little people), visiting and connecting with your loved ones during the session. There are no poses to hold, no “saying cheese”, there’ll be no “everyone look here” -- nothing that a conventional portrait session would have. The Vibe session is short, sweet, very relaxed and often super silly.

These sessions are usually about an hour and a half and take place in your home at the park or at the water’s edge. The number of images vary depending on what’s going on and how many of you there are but you will receive at least 50+ images.

$650 + GST

Vibe + Portraits

This session is everything included in the Vibe session and also includes individual portraits. You know, the ones Grandma likes (portraits of each individual and all the family groupings).

These sessions take about 2 hours (can take a little longer with bigger groups). You can expect to receive 50+ images as well as the portraits.

$850 + GST

Corporate and visual marketing

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